Smirnov System

Grand Master Igor Smirnov of Russia has developed a system of chess thinking based mainly on activity of the chess pieces.

The System is quite practical and easy to apply in actual games:

Opening Phase: 
1. Control the center with pawn moves first and then with knight moves.
2. Move your long range pieces like bishops and rooks as close in opponent area (as close to control the squares near opponent's king as possible). In the opening phase, only bishops need to be moved.
3. Castle king or queen side as per the particular situation and opening requirements.
4. Once the center pawns, knights and bishops get developed, connect your rooks by moving your queen and then centralize your rooks by bringing to d or e or c or f files. This step is mostly forgotten by amatures and must be taken care off.
5. Opening phase gets completed once all your pieces get developed and king becomes  safe.

(More to come ....)


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